Women and Self-Esteem  

Posted by albhenpa

Rationally, Humans will perform actions that please them and stay away from all that hurt themselves (both outwardly and inwardly). If associated with self-esteem there will be multi-dimensional interpretation of each person. Said, Humans have self-respect when They did it in accordance with conscience and human nature spiritually. Sometimes self-esteem associated with the fulfillment of human needs psychologically. Self-esteem is often associated with moral and religiuos values so that when someone is doing things then contraru to the teachings those values, Someone is said have no self-esteem.

A woman would be said has no self-Esteem when she's paid with the will, conscience and body to get something. General dogma is often said, if a woman sells her body for money and the only thing that relates to the material needs met by doing the opposite of the prevailing values in society.

Some simple examples like a woman into prostitution to obtain financial (this extreme example, but it can be argued, because She did something that is professionalism), a woman is trying to catch her beloved man with all possible way even hurts somebody else, or a women who frequently a lot with man get laid.

A woman, fortunately She is my friend told me that her future husband is someone who should have 3 important criteria, namely education, wealth (career) and stability in attitudes. A husband should be able to give me to eat 3x a day, can build a house, a husband who can protect and maintain; just a few kinds of criteria.

Well! The question is whether given by his wife when she becomes a married man? Is only a heart to love with sincerity, womb to give birth and care of the household? This fact was already entrenched, that women only have a uterus, to love and care of the household. Men also have a heart to love, the body to manage at home; only he did not have a uterus for childbirth.

Men are seeking uterus for reproduction but with a strange requirements demanded by women; eat 3 meals a day and more. Where would women want to marry unemployed men who have a bleak future. Lengthy debates do not work, because it only occurs in the majority of women.

What is the example above with self-esteem?

I have own views and opinions in react. The responsibilities of men are hard but that's our culture, the culture of my country. Where self-esteem of women who just gave birth to the uterus, the heart to love and to care for the child's body and households? Women only think about how their future could be safe by looking for men who can provide physical and spiritual satisfaction, all women are looking to provide certain criteria in her future husband. I think women should give more than.

Because women only strength in the womb as looking for mate; we can see the effects in front of him when after marriage. There was a case of infidelity and divorce male (although there are cases of women who had an affair and asked for a divorce; but cases of this case by the dominant male.

Why do men do this? Because women have a uterus as the only power. This is the culprit, and the woman who became the object of suffering. Because what he did not have anything other than the uterus, the pride itself in the future decline in the public eyes. This is a phenomenon that occurs in society.

An interesting example occurred in my neighbor's in Bali Indonesia. The woman decided to marry an unemployed man, just because the woman did not want her self-esteem to fall because of her cultural social problems inherent in the culture of Bali. This woman have equal caste wih man were unemployed. She said , it doesn't matter if I earn a living for the family; an important self-esteem, status and dignity of my family and did not fall.

This woman does not seek criteria as men searched like a lot of people do and she knew it. Who among the two women over who have self-esteem? The first woman can be describe as woman's self-esteem in materially and second woman as a woman in full a part of self-esteem .

This paper does not represent me as a man, but only the views and opinions only.

taken from admin of syuradika.com