Julia Robert shows her hot body in Bali  

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hot body Julia RobertHollywood actress Julia Roberts has started filming EAT, PRAY, LOVE in Bali. Stringent security is within 500 meters from the shooting location and filming located in the Banjar Bentuyung which is about two kilometers from Ubud, Gianyar that 500 meters from the main location filming, which is a villa which is also the place to stay for the movie Pretty Woman star was.

Layered security imposed by the special security officer of Columbia Pictures 135 personnel assisted Gianyar police officers. In addition to the artist, intended for crew safety and dozens of trucks and cars carrying the property of Columbia Pictures.

Bali exotic VillageIn Gianyar, taking pictures will be done in some locations. Banjar Bentuyung addition, other locations are Banjar Nyuh Kuning, Pengosekan, Ubud Art Market and Monkey Forest Park.

Bali is one of the most exotic locations in Indonesia, thanks to the beauty of the beaches are incredible. No wonder when the cultivation of the latest movie Hollywood celebrity, Julia Robert tucked scenes that showcase the beauty of the beach. She went back to show off the curve of her body wrapped in a sexy bikini.

As quoted from The Sun, movie star? Notting Hill "Julia Robert looks very tempting when acting intimate scenes with a handsome actor Javier Bardem in this movie Eat, Pray, Love '.
In addition to Julia, at the location of a number of other artists who played opposite Academy Award-winning star of this, like James Franco, Richard Jenkins, Billy Crudup, Viola Davis and Javier Bardem

When act as tender scene, she looks in a bikini two pink peace with sweetened green in edge. Several times she looked flashed a smile and laughter in this Oscar-winning star. ufnortunatelly no naked scene as like you want.

Wet scene is increasingly clear she's curves still look tight and charming. Amazingly she had just celebrated birthday on 42 this week but still looks stunning beauty. No wonder if she got labeled as Pretty Woman.

Ohh.. Bali .. makes me wanna get travel again..

Upload, Download & Earn Money With Ziddu  

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Indonesia 90's songs and lyrics  

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Just start to collect my lovely song that was hit in nineties after I lost many casettte of my stereo set, remaind me of teens memory, Yeaahhh .. I was high school, even not really happy with my such life, only these song that bringing me to another world where love, care, protect in pack of word and music. I just enjoyed them in old radio which not pretty cool with that ages, but a piece of peace to listen, too sweet to forget...

All file I save in Ziddu, one by one I l try put the link, if you like of course you can download by ziddu procedure, and all of risk to download is yours. if you deal you can klik these link :

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Kidnaping Miyabi - Maria Ozawa  

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The arrival of a porn star Maria Ozawa "Miyabi" could finally open as well. Reportedly, Miyabi will come to Jakarta on October 14 to start for shooting on October 15. Miyabi has invited Maxima Pictures to star her in the movie "Menculik Miyabi" (Kidnaping Miyabi). Out of nowhere taken this idea, it is really to be the pros and cons of both Indonesia netter and ordinary people who actually wondered who exactly was miyabi.

Maria Ozawa's plan to stay in Indonesia temporary. Because She also has a solid enough activities planned that this movie will be aired on 31 December. This movie tells the story of three college boys who are obsessed with Miyabi. At one point, the porn stars to come to Indonesia and they were kidnapped Miyabi.
Once this plan leaked and widely repudiated by particular societies, finally Indonesia Minister of culture does not prohibit maria ozawa come to Indonesia, but it is possible to continue producing the movie abroad, and remained under the National Censorship Board.

Yeah my plan to see with the naked eye what is like miyabi has gone, why people are always judging book from the cover, they should accept and reject the arrival of someone of the means rather than by profession .. a plurality Indonesia ... We vote for you Maria Oza .. I still love asian women.. ahhahahahah it is not about a porn at all

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The life is just a short break to drink  

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For a moment we leave the real world, into the world of religion, although still in the virtual world

Literally, "Wong urip iku mung mampir ngombe" (Javanese Language) could mean the life is just a short break to drink. Although the phrase has a simple words but the meaning is very deep. In order to understand the meaning of the phrase that we are required to understand human life as a whole. In Javanese culture of human life begins since baby was born into the world, growth in the womb and then began the real life world. With the death of someone, separation body and spirit, began life in the other world we dont know not yet certain. Understanding this life of three ordinary nature manifested as "purwa(began), madya(middle) and wasana(conclusion)". Meaning of the phrase "Wong urip iku mung mampir ngombe" refers to the middle of nature, it is a life after a human was born in the world.

Just fill Life that short
As we know human beings are born in this world armed with the four basic qualities that characterize his life, which is often termed lust, anger, desire and holy deeds. These passions stimulated by the emergence of elements in this world and go through paningal (eye), pangucap (mouth), pangrungu (ear) and pangganda (nose).

Natural elements that enter through the eyes shape due to the stimulus craving something seen by the eye. Natural elements that enter through the mouth of dirty words spoken by the mouth. Natural elements that enter through the ear tangible unpleasant sound heard by the ear and cause someone angry, rude and dark eyes. While natural elements that enter through the nose tangible actions either because the nose would not accept that smells bad. With the provision of four basic qualities of life, humans are required to master the four passions that attached to him. In other words, humans have to master the three passions that can lead to actions that are less good, ie aluamah, anger and sufah, and put the passion that can lead to good actions, namely mutmainah. Mastering is defined as maintaining regulate or control. If people can maintain control of the fourth set and desires will become a model in the sense that humans can be imitated by the people around for his actions is always commendable.

Conversely, if people can not maintain control of the fourth set and lust-lust, the person will show that actions are not praiseworthy, so he was shunned by the people around him, therefore life in a world that only a moment, which in Javanese culture expressed istlah "wong urip iku mung mampir ngombe", to be preoccupied with measures to maintain, manage and control these four human passions, so that life in the world that its only for a moment is filled with noble actions, such as mutual help, love others , devoted to the home country, mutual respect, respect, deliberation to reach consensus and others. Thus if at the time of death, ie separation of human spirit and can be expected wadag the human spirit will be returning to Almighty God, the causa men of all life on earth.

Welcome to Destination
Life in this world can be likened to a war between good and passions lust is not good. So that people can win the war, so that at the time of death his spirit returned to God the Almighty, man must be able to put their consciences on the lust. In other words, the human conscience must be controlled passion. If conscience is controlled by passion at the time of death of the human spirit can return to God Almighty.

How to get someone to keep his conscience is always on top of lust? Javanese culture teaches that a person is always undergo behavior, such as fasting and others, as an exercise self-control that can control when the stimulus for action arise which is not good. In addition Javanese culture also teaches that a person is always closer to God Almighty, so always get light from Him that will cause it to think clearly and cleanly.

The purpose of human life is to survive in the natural world and in perpetuity. In order to achieve this goal requires people to continuously strive to uphold the truth. In the life of a moment in the world, people must be filled with good action. Therefore Javanese culture is always reminded that life in this world is temporary in nature. The warning expressed in the term "Wong urip iku mung mampir ngombe" . If someone will always remember this moment and fill life with good deeds, it can be expected to live one's goals will be achieved, which is good in this world and in nature one day later.

Harmony within God and human in unity  

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Some of the Javanese concept of trying to harmonize some ancestral view, the natural (this world) and the supernatural

Javanese people believe that God is the center of the universe and the center of all life because before all this happened in the world that God is the first time there. God did not only create the universe and its contents but also acts as a regulator, because everything is moving according to plan and with his permission and will. Center is in this sense is a source that can provide a living, balance and stability, which can also provide individual life and liaison with the world over. Javanese people's views so-called Lan Kawula Manunggaling Gusti, that view assumes that human moral obligation to achieve harmony with the last strength in unity and last, the man handed himself as the servant of God.

Human efforts to understand the existence among all creatures in the universe unfolding, which is actually a creature, has brought the human odyssey journey that never stops. Questions about where and to where (Sangkan paraning dumadi) all the creatures journey continue to roll from time by time since the existance of exist. A very simple question but substansiil, it appeared that just getting the answers and getting another new questions and very diverse, depending on the quality of the questioner.

The development of human intelligence and consciousness have shaped the culture of endless searching. Especially after a religious awareness which appears to question "what or who is making a" leads people into the adventure of groping in the dark jungle of knowledge. In the darkness that's clash after clash occurred due to differences in understanding. The most ancient clash begins the story of Adam and Eve are throwing them from heaven. Conflicts sometimes very powerful that it needs pool of blood and tears, which pioneered by Abel and Cain. All this leads to the magic word called "truth" that is a very abstract and absurd. But it is not life and life is abstract and absurd? causing explanation with no reason to think the most sophisticated.

When the mind thinks no longer able to answer the questions above, people began to dig into the answers of "taste" until people feel as if I had found what to be sought. But when taste odyssey at the point of intersection, where on one side appeared the need to institutionalize the "finding a sense of" them and on the other side refused to institutionalization, re-impact crash was not actually needed to happen. Something that will never be known, either by reason, think and feel, even though intuition. Because "God" is the Most Subtle. Any formulation of "Him" like what has been done by humans will surely fail. Because "He" was never defined "himself" in a concrete, except in the form of symbols and the symbols that metaphorically.

Human panning trip to travel millions of years to get a definite answer about the "He" became very varied. But the certainty of itself is never found. So that some people become desperate, because the journey is like a quest Syshipus tragedy, a loss journey.

While for some other human being, a spirit quest even more urgency. They never break, because they are not dazzled by the final result. Has emerged a new awareness of them, that the most important is the search process itself. Met or not no longer be a base of the concerns, because they realize, that the decision was not in human hands.

Well these are the spiritual seeker, the true seeker who is always hungry on empirical experience in the wilderness of knowledge about the things that abstract, absurd and magical. And they are us.

The main requirement for the spiritual seeker is existancy and the ability to remove or temporarily store the dogmatic understanding that has had, and prepare to open the hearts and minds to the universe of knowledge penetrated (kawruh) non-corporeal. Science and serious gift, because it is very intimate and can not be made similiar with idioms there, where the idioms that can only be used as a beacon of truth pointer is also very relative.

Spiritual experience is the experience a very unique and very individual in nature, so that rules most dogmatic is not be able to give the same results for different individuals. Spiritual journey is a process of panning efforts to achieve human-level kahanan (strata, maqom) exemption, the freedom to be free (freedom to be free) from all forms of bondage and attachment, and the shackles of ownership, whether it is physical and spiritual, endured bleak by his spiritual guide in the past.

If the above requirements have been agreed, then there was the need for a spiritual trip that we just did. If there is a mystical experience for one or several people, must be addressed as an experience that is "highly individual" who can not be made similiar. Because really, uniformity will be realized or not the formation of a new dogmatic, a new box, new prison.

A thousand flowers that grow in the plant will be more beautiful and more vibrant, and God is beautiful, doesn't He?

keep the mean of this javanese behaviour :


1. Wong eling ing ngelmu sarak dalil sinung kamurahaning Pangeran, Humans must remember that science is Gods gift

2. Wong amrih rahayuning sesaminira, sinung ayating Pangeran. People who respecting others also to God

3. Angrawuhana ngelmu gaib, nanging aja tingal ngelmu sarak, iku paraboting urip kang utama. Even supranatural be learned, neve leave science, because it is the first environment to be alive

4. Aja kurang pamariksanira lan den agung pangapunira. be careful and be a forgivingfull people

5. Agawe kabecikan marang sesaminira tumitah, agawea sukaning manahe sesamaning jalma. act nice to others and create a good excitement beetwen humaninty

6. Aja duwe rumangsa bener sarta becik, rumangsa ala sarta luput, den agung, panalangsanira ing Pangeran Kang Maha Mulya, lamun sira ngrasa bener lawan becik, ginantungan bebenduning Pangeran. Never feel always be true, wrong, arrogrant before God, True and false are depending God judgement

7. Angenakena sarira, angayem-ayema nalarira, aja anggrangsang samubarang kang sinedya, den prayitna barang karya. Never be greedy, always be gracefully

8. Elinga marang Kang Murbeng Jagad, aja pegat rina lan wengi. always remember ot God, don t forget on day and night

9. Atapaa geniara, tegese den teguh yen krungu ujar ala. act softly firmly when hearing something bad

10. Atapaa banyuara, tegese ngeli, basa ngeli iku nurut saujaring liyan, datan nyulayani.

11. Tapa ngluwat, tegese mendhem atine aja ngatonake kabecikane dhewe. low hearted and not show our opinion by our side only

12. Sajroning jajanira priyangga ana prang Bratayudha, prang ati ala lan ati becik. mirroring fron bharatayuda battle about good and bad thing

The 5 philosophy of Javanese for Perfection Life  

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Java is an island in the southern part of Indonesia where the cultural level which has no less great than Egypt, not least the details with Japanese which aims the perfection of life, here some flash of phylosphy of Javanese

1. Kukilo (Bird)
Most Javanese people always keep a pet, and also most common pets in the care of the birds turtledove. Because a good melodious voice and reassuring atmosphere.
In this life we must be able to follow the bird turtledove, which is always a good voice to be heard by others, do not always make a sound that could hurt other people.

2. Wanito (Women)
Women are universally symbolizes tenderness, love, affection. We live in this world must be in the midst of human and other creatures. We must always give us a sense of softness, our love and our compassion to all creatures of the Almighty.

3. Curigo (Aware)
In this World, we would not know what will happen to us a few seconds, minutes or hours ahead. With this caution, we expected to be always aware of the motion and all our behavior so that future events do not make the suffering on ourselves. Curigo can also be interpreted by remembering of Almighty God, because He was creating the past, present and our future.

4. Turonggo (Horse)
To be able to control the horse while you ride, the reins should we hold tight. In the life of self-control of all passions and selfish must be controlled. Not with indulgence in lust, selfish and anger.

5. Wismo (House)
The house, where every time we will go back home. From this we mean to live in this world, just a few time to go out of our real house, and one day would return to our eternal home is the house of God. And we as in the world must know what we bring as a gift for Him.

PAid To Be Online  

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