The 5 philosophy of Javanese for Perfection Life  

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Java is an island in the southern part of Indonesia where the cultural level which has no less great than Egypt, not least the details with Japanese which aims the perfection of life, here some flash of phylosphy of Javanese

1. Kukilo (Bird)
Most Javanese people always keep a pet, and also most common pets in the care of the birds turtledove. Because a good melodious voice and reassuring atmosphere.
In this life we must be able to follow the bird turtledove, which is always a good voice to be heard by others, do not always make a sound that could hurt other people.

2. Wanito (Women)
Women are universally symbolizes tenderness, love, affection. We live in this world must be in the midst of human and other creatures. We must always give us a sense of softness, our love and our compassion to all creatures of the Almighty.

3. Curigo (Aware)
In this World, we would not know what will happen to us a few seconds, minutes or hours ahead. With this caution, we expected to be always aware of the motion and all our behavior so that future events do not make the suffering on ourselves. Curigo can also be interpreted by remembering of Almighty God, because He was creating the past, present and our future.

4. Turonggo (Horse)
To be able to control the horse while you ride, the reins should we hold tight. In the life of self-control of all passions and selfish must be controlled. Not with indulgence in lust, selfish and anger.

5. Wismo (House)
The house, where every time we will go back home. From this we mean to live in this world, just a few time to go out of our real house, and one day would return to our eternal home is the house of God. And we as in the world must know what we bring as a gift for Him.

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