Hardware Tips - Make USB Flashdisk Bootable  

Posted by albhenpa

Because many problems about flashing the motherboard BIOS and VGA, I open the thread about how to create a bootable UFD Flashdisk .. Why? Because the UFD is now much easier to find than the floppy drive and floppy

Follow this step:
1. Download HP USB Disk Storage Format tool download here
2. Download Windows 98 System Files download here
3. install the HP USB Disk Storage Format tool and extract the Win98 system files on a particular directory (it's up to you)
4. Then open the HP USB Disk Storage Format tool from the START MENU => PROGRAM => HP USB Disk

5. enter Flashdisk then check on the Quick format and Create a DOS disk strartup then click on the "DOS SYSTEM USING located at" then locate the directory / folder where the files Win98 System have been extracted
6. Click the Start .. and wait a minute, you already have a

Do not forget to activate the 1st BOOT DEVICE to HDD => usb hdd or a removable device at your BIOS setup

A sample bios board flashing with phoenix award :
after bios awdflash and copied (eg bios.bin) performed live flashing as follows:
C: \> prompt type "C: \ AWDFLASH bios.bin / cks / sn / py / cc / cd / cp / ld / qi / WB" without the quotes

OK nice try .. be happy

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