Mike Wilgar - Jan Akkerman at Pre Jakarta Int'l Blues Festival 2009  

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Rata PenuhJIBFTOR and Mike Wilgar share the stage and amaze the audience of about 100 people. Before the show, Mike took to conduct question and answer session with some fellow journalists, in an interview that he claimed to like Blues music far into the bottom of his heart. He has tried a variety of musical genres but still he returned to the blues. He will continue playing music even if his audience is only one person.

There's something interesting from the question and answer session, I had asked if he ever heard of Indonesia and the blues in Indonesia before? Mike said that he was familiar with Indonesia after his friendship with Gugun (Gugun & Blues Shelter), they exchanged a lot of good information about the music and others. He said that he was very glad to finally be coming to Indonesia. musicians who had joined the band, The Fundamentals This could even say that he is always a good relationship with friends - friends in the band's earlier, until now they still do Jam Session.

Mike Wilgar BluesThe first session of pre event DSJIBF hardrock cafe that night TOR filled by playing about 45 minutes. they look quite stunning spectators and especially the game Guitar Vocals Warman, interrupted - during the time waiting for the appearance of Mike Wilgar, MC DSJIBF distribute tickets. Mike himself started the performance in their ability to play the harmonica and singing at around 11 tonight, this is Mike's first time playing in Indonesia. all the audience seemed impressed and really enjoyed the show.

some strangers at next table asked if Mike would do more than show that night. when I say that he will appear in DSJIBF upcoming November 7, one of them right out and say "ok, we'll be there".Jan Akkerman made a mini concert before DSJIBF Saturday.

Night 5 November 2009, Black Cat Jazz Club is located in bilangan Senayan Arcadia became a place for country windmills musician, the Netherlands, Jan Akkerman, displaying his guitar action.

"I'm not a blues player, but I love the blues," In fact, he considers himself eloquently against the blues. "I play music for pleasure, and also for making money" he added with a serious expression. That night, guests had crowded the venue at around 9 that night, the opening band consisting of Taufan Gunarso, Barry and his friends Likumahua action started right at 10. One hour later, after doing a little question and answer session with several reporters. Jan Akkerman was started in show.

Approximately 1 hour Jan Akkerman about 150 people to hypnotize the audience with his guitar and pulled the game, spectators who were present that night came from many quarters, the elderly, young children, expatriate musicians and even musicians such as Agam Arsad glottal stop and Riza were present there to witness the permissibility Jan Akkerman .

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Heyy...he said he play that kind of music for pleasure and also for make money...
Sure, then whats for he even come to Indonesia from his faraway country if not for making money...
btw I dont like blues...
I like rock and classic

yup sist, sometime hobby / talent could be another way for making money, but sure these musician don't make music as main income for..

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