Spanking For Indonesia Police Departement  

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Yesterday evening President Susilo Bambang invited four community leaders to get input on the case of detention of the two leaders off the Corruption Eradication Commission Chandra M. Bibit Samad Hamzah and Rianto the strong reaction from the community. On various inputs which provided the figures, the President established fact-finding team.

The team led by members of the Advisory Council President Adnan Buyung Nasution was assigned to find out the truth of the case sit Chandra and Seed cases, people who have been assessed as a weakening of efforts the Commission. The team consisting of eight people with different backgrounds are expected to provide input to the President about what is really happening with the case.

On the one hand we certainly appreciate the attitude of the President who was so responsive to the growing voice in the community. We also appreciate the quick steps by President to form a fact-finding team (called TPF).

But on the other hand we see how no longer trust the police institution by the President. TPF formation illustrates that all the police reports given to the President no longer credible.

This is certainly a blow to police. In the midst of their success to quell the various acts of terrorism, they are considered unable to execute the law enforcement process correctly. The President was not getting a clear picture and accurate information on cases being handled by police regarding two leaders off the Commission.

As head of the Police Department, General Bambang Hendarso Danuri hardest hit with the proper formation of the TPF. He is not only considered not capable, but failed to maintain the integrity of the police.

And as a law enforcement institution ultimate strength was the integrity of the department. With that the police can carry out its role and not always be taken a priori.

Although at one good side to form the team that can maintain the already growing doubts among the people on police performance, the team formation can provoke public distrust of law enforcement officers. If indeed the police leadership is considered not capable of running a good job leadership should be replaced, rather than give up the institution. Because, after all we need institutions of formal law enforcement such as police. Not just rely on ad hoc institutions such as the TPF.

Furthermore, we do not know what kind of legal products is expected from the TPF. If they've gathered all the facts and report to the President, the institution which will follow up on these reports? Is not the President was not able to take legal action and should be handed to the police?

As far as can we catch from the input given four community leaders Sunday night, which is proposed is a forum to hold the case from the case of two leaders off the Commission. Police asked to disclose to the legal experts of the actions to arrest the two leaders off the Commission.

Clearly the figures say that they are not asking for Chandra and seeds should not be subject to legal action. If they are guilty, no one else in this country is above the law allowed. Only in running the legal process required to be fair and not arbitrary.

If indeed the title of the case the police are also not considered to be open before the proposed fact-finding team was formed. Not yet, not yet formed the team, because if that happens then just emerging new legal uncertainty.

Decision has now been taken and no longer be withdrawn. The best step to be done primarily by the department is to improve performance and enhance professionalism. This bad experience should be a lesson for the police to not arbitrary. The police should not be working for the interests of power.

Finally, the task of the police to save their institutions. Especially now leaders must know themselves that they are not trusted by the community and also the President. For the sake of the future police institution, the leaders encouraged the police to hand over leadership to stick their votes to lift back the good name of the Police Department.

We'll see how the end of all this story. Hopefully we do not damage the efforts of law enforcement because of legal certainty is the key to a country to become a developed country.

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