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What is Paid To Click (PTC) ? There are 3 component in this online bussiness type such as Site, Advertiser and Clicker. Normally as Clicker, you will be paid with rate $0.001 - 0.01 per click as standart member of them if you see a PTC site with rate bigger than it, I suggest you dont hope too much They will pay you, real advertiser will advertise to PTC site which reachable rate and always check sustainable or not it is. That means you can compare prices to buy package ads and how much they pay standart member.
There are PTC classified based on layout or design site aslike aurora, buxsite, Yourownbux, etc. You have to know that some of PTC Sites have script to create BOT or clicker robot, If you advertise your site at site with BOT, you will get non sense visitor to your site, and sure you will hate this way.

Here under some of PTC site that paying me via Paypal and Alertpay. I made a compilation from global and local PTC forum to minimalize scam probability, just click these banner to join them. hover your mouse over banner for proof payment and click rates for standart member

Neobux - The Best and old Bux site Click Rate : 0.01, Min Payout $2,3,4-10 Instant, Paid me : 3 times

Clixncash - One of Sustainable aurora sites since 2007Click Rate : 0.001 - 0.003, Min Payout $0.5 Fast, Paid me : 8 times

Bux-Matrix - Bux site and Matrix system integrated
Click Rate : 0.0025, Min Payout $2,4,6-$10, Paid me : 1 time

Click Rate : 0.0015 - 0.0025, Min Payout $5, Paid me : 1 time

Palmbux - Instant paymentPalmbux nude payment proof
Click Rate : 0.01, Min Payout $2 Instant, Paid me : 1 time

0,01-0,005|<4> ads|Minimal PO $2

and here under trial site :

0,008-0,002 | Ads <4> |
Min $4|

0,004-0,01|<8> ads|Minimal PO $1 | You Will Succeed With Us!

OK take a look around

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Hey, I'm an AD viewer like you too. I've been a member of most of those PTC sites and I can share my experience about them with you. Throught the long route of finding the correct PTC site to stick with I have ran with a lot of different paid sites like those reviewing ones, reading emails and even filling surveys or signing up for sites to get paid. I have ran across scamming sites that lock your money with an impossible payout and those sites with no payout but have you click 1000 ADs just to earn you $1. All that is absurd and you can skip all this!
My recommendation, try Gagabux, it is like Neobux but better! Heres a comparison between the two:

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Neobux minimum payout $5, $0.01 paid per AD, theres pesky confirmation code to make sure you viewed the AD, $0.005 per referral clicked ADs, fast payment via Paypal, 4 ADs daily to standard free accounts and 9 for paid account, theres demographic filter that blocks ADs not in your region, can rent manage and recycle referrals although it has minimum must rent 25 referrals, friendly interface.

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